Monday, November 12, 2012

the good life

been very creative while I have been here
the weather has been cooler for here, still nice for me
been walking every morning
shopping till the wallet is bare
christmas bought
happy hour every day
enjoying the simple life


  1. WOW! I love the fish piece! You'll think I'm nuts but at first I thought the left side was an ankle and part of a shoe! Then my eye slid over to the fish head in the slide and the whole thing came into view. LOVE it!!

    You won't want to go home after having so much fun.

  2. wow sounds like good fun! when do you get back to reality??

  3. oops.. I mean ..home?

  4. Congratulations on that time so beautiful, that you're enjoying.
    Your work is beautiful. I love it, very original

  5. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Данный пост — одно из редких исключений, когда читаешь с удовольствием и что-то для себя выносишь. Спасибо Вам. Добавлю в избранное[url=].[/url] :)

  6. Oh this sounds so wonderful!!!!! :)))))


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