Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A glimpse into my life

Been busy working around in the studio and took some pictures and thought I would show whats going on here in Lees world.  If you want to see these bigger just click on the picture.

This is my stand up area I have an easel you cant see, and a desk to sit down that is also not in picture, the side you can see is where my sewing machine is.
 Painting on deli paper
 This is where I keep my stamp carving tools
 This is a piece of canvas that I am painting to make a cover for an art journal that I am making
 Some markers , this is where I store them
 This is a post card that I started didnt like the way it looked
 So this is what it turned out as, still not sure if I like it
 Another postcard that I do like, I made this on some old packing that I had around
 This is a stamp that I put on the flower postcard

So thats it, been busy, thought you might like a glimpse into my life......(lol)


  1. sigh!!! i wish it looked like this around here...and i wonder why i can't find something right in the middle of a project. thank you for your great note lee, it's like a dead zone around blog land :)

  2. You've got lots of good storage in your art room. That big cubby is a wonderful space. I love boxes to store things too, especially old wooden boxes that may have started life holding something else. Thanks for the peek into your room and your art, as always a pleasure.

  3. I also echo what wanda and lesa are saying - your studio space is great and I do like that art youve created... I think if I had a space like yours I'd be keen to do more art work too, mine is so small and no room for anything so I have stuff all over the place and that makes it harder to do or find anything!

  4. Your studio looks great and so do your art. I have a very small studio and I like it. Gives me a push to keep it tidy, otherwise I can't find or make anything.
    Today I'm spring cleaning. All the curtains in our livingroom have been washed and now hangs out on the clothline. Always a pleasure when it's done.

  5. love your new blog design! love your photos and your art!

  6. I'm late getting to the "open house" at your studio...thanks for letting me in anyway. It all looks great and must be a fun place to make art. The postcard you didn't like is so cool. You did a great job changing it around. And really great job carving that stamp!!


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