Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday link love and the usual tuts

For the month of april over at Daisy yellow, link love, you will get to see some great artists and blogs
and why not join in

shows a great video on how she made art on black cheap fabric with bleach

This is my favourite artist, I have taken all her courses, I love her art, her freedom,
the way its just so natural organic and her ease with which she creates, as you can see
I want her talent in my next life


the Artistic Pagan has a great number of how to videos on line, but this one where she shows you how to make a stencil from something from the dollar store is so great, it changed the way I make my stencils

I love April Cole Style, today she shows you what she does from her old art to make great collages!/2013/04/art-of-collaboration.html


  1. Great links! That water faucet sketch by April Cole is amazing!! Such a difficult task, to draw running water!

  2. She is a beautiful "friend", Lee~


  3. Hi Lee...I haven't check your links yet...but I will. I even remembered to do it this week. Maybe Tammy will continue to do it awhile longer. Nice red haired girl...have a great weekend!

  4. beautiful drawing! love the links!

  5. Thanks for some great tutes! And I like the red haired "friend"...hope you have a fun weekend.

  6. Like your new friend and thanks for the links.

  7. Thanks for the mention. I only wish it were warm enough here to take off my socks.

  8. as always, love the art and the links.
    I definitely needed the stencil tutorial. I was just looking at stencils last night and just did not want to pay the money for them. I already have a bunch of plastic dividers and am so excited to make my own.

    Now, I need a tutorial for making my own sprays because those are pricey too. Have one to share? Or I could just go look for it myself. lol!

  9. Love your art! Thanks for the linksharing, some really good tips in there!

  10. Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to exploring your links. Love your girl as well. So much yummy texture and line work...perfection!! :)


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