Sunday, April 07, 2013

Do you have a tool you enjoy?.....

I bet you didn't know I am mathematically challenged. I hate math always have always will
barely got by in School. And of course once you got out of school there was always the
calculator. This is my favourite tool next to my Dyson Vacumn .  Dont you love it, its been well used, and chewed on by devil dog, paint spattered on it. Can you guess why I love it?  Okay long enough put down your hands, because it tells you the 1/4 inches.the 3/4 inch, I never which line is what.  This makes my life so much easier........of course next to my Vacumn (lol)

okay I bet by the title you thought I just might be talking about something else, now that
is a way to get people to read your blog........


  1. I hate math, too! I can see why you like that ruler so much. If we're talking tools other than art tools, I'd have to say my blender (which is so old it's avocado green!) and my juicer.

  2. My strenght isn't in math either. My favorite tool is as simple as a thimble. Can't do without it.

  3. I admit that your title got my attention, Lee :)

    I love my paper-cutter...I couldn't do without it! I cut my own aceo cards for painting and I use it for other artsy things, too.


  4. Math was always my worse subject in school too, however when it comes to money I have no problem with math then. ha ha ha

    My favorite tool would have to be my camera, I love taking pictures especially when I am using the Macro mode to zoom right on and get those special close up shots.

  5. wonderful! again i LOVE your banner!

  6. Well, looks like we're all art people here, rather than those other types, you know the ones who can balance their checking accounts! You're so funny, Lee! Mine would be those beautiful fountain pens I mentioned in a post, as well as drawing pencils.

  7. I love my glass cutting board from Stamping up. Paint cleans off and it has measurements and grids. I use it under my Gelli plate.

  8. that's a beautiful ruler! I agree with Jan - love my paper cutter. before I bought it, every single thing I cut was crooked - even if I measured and drew lines before cutting.


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