Friday, April 12, 2013

Strolling thru Fridays Tuts...

Strolling lots of great links and an opportunity to get to know some great artists and there work
Mono printing, with a gelli plate how to do a border, very interesting, even if you dont have a gelli plate, you know your going to get one , one day

Just a site when you can get free clip art,  not your average really nice clipart

If you have Photoshop Elements here is how you can make your art, into a photoshop brush, very cool

Making some envelopes out of magazines, so carafty

A really good site, she has lots of great tuts to share, a very talented lady

Alisa makes all kinds of easy pillows and paints on them,,,,,

This is a great tut -she makes a whole journal out of one page;;;; i am going to do this for sure

he makes a beautiful bowl out of paper mache,,,,you cant even tell


  1. Hi Lee...I hope you are having a good weekend! I enjoyed all the links...I plan to check out Alma's blog further...thanks!

  2. I love youe shoes even though they're probably not good for the feet. Thanks for sharing the links.

  3. Anonymous7:13 AM

    thanks for sharing these links!

    I am gathering ideas for an afterschool or summer or homeschool art club and I find so many wonderful ones on these Friday link parties.
    The confettie bowl will be perfect!

  4. love your shoe!! thanks for sharing!!

  5. Lee ~ What a long list of link-love today! I'm happy you've joined the mission to spread the love to our blogging friends. I appreciate your sense of fun!

  6. Love the shoes, Lee! And, oh my goodness, all those links!

  7. Thanks again for the great links! Love those shoes! I live in flip flops, so those shoes are quite a departure.

  8. I adore the links thank you. I just explored gelatin printing this week and am going to explore the border printing link now! I am addicted!! :)


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