Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today most of this girl was done with Portfolio crayons
I am trying to get a more gritter look to my art, not
so peaches and cream. What do you think?
I have never had curly hair, straight as a board.  The shopper has
curly hair got it my hubby.  She hates it, straightens it daily, but
she did get thick hair from me.
Had to buy a new oven yesterday, the glass in my oven
broke, well cooking.  Its cheaper to get a new oven
than get the glass fixed, plus how could I ever
get the glass out of there.  So no oven cookingfor
a couple of weeks, thats how long it takes to
get the new oven, some places took a month?
What that is a good excuse not to cook.
But alas I have a toaster oven, and for the two
of us that is perfect.


  1. How strange that you'll have to wait for a new oven. Normally they're in stock here so it's just to buy and pick up the new one.
    Like the curly one by the way.

  2. I like the smudgy/shadowy look you got with the pastels - great contrast to your sharper outlines.

  3. I can't imagine being without the oven! We've been without a microwave, since it broke a couple weeks ago, but that's not nearly the loss that an oven is!

  4. i love miss curly! it's great to try new things. congrats on the NEW oven!

  5. If I lost my oven, I'd definitely not be cooking because we have no toaster oven. Gotta get one of those, just in case. I've been thinking about one to cut down on heat in the summer. We're in the high 80's every day now. Love your curly girly!


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