Monday, April 29, 2013

Art Fix needed...

Thanks for all your comments on the smash book, its morphing into an art journal
last night dinner out (still no oven) over to friends
today art store, I need a fix
library therapy required
and quess what its SNOWING OUT
does not matter no socks on these feet until October
whats on your day?


  1. He Definitely Does!!!

    Fun painting, Lee :)

    Blog a a bit...clean a bit :)

    We are supposed to get more snow here around the end of the week...

  2. it's still snowing!!! great drawing! you can see the love and concern on her face! can she forgive him? i thought you had your stove!

  3. Snow!!! It's going to be 93º here today!

    What happened with your oven? Didn't you just get a new stove? An art fix is just what the doctor ordered for days like this...but be careful you don't freeze your toes off without socks!

  4. Funny. She looks exasperated. Snow - keep warm do. Been working today. At least you are getting around to friends whilst having no oven.

  5. ok we finally get to wear socks I am shouting hooray, so I know how nice it is to be wearing something after such a long time or in your case not wearing them! Love the art/smash book!

  6. I just love the phrases you include. Makes me laugh. Have a great time with some art store therapy! I think it's great to use the book however it feels - no matter how it was intended. Too often I feel obliged to use things in ways that don't fit me, but that were designed a certain way. WHY? Eat out while you have the excuse! And just ignore the snow.


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