Thursday, May 30, 2013

The sisterhood

looking forward to June
road trip starts June 9
index challenge starts June 1
thinking of taking July and August off from the blog
made a little travel journal for the road trip
having an art date in Victoria with a facebook friend
loving the weather
plants are still alive
whats new with you


  1. I'm looking forward to june too... quite a lot happening... june 9th I have a big dinner with a big group and looking forward to that, then its lots of birthdays and parties that go with them!have a great june Lee and enjoy your road trip!

  2. June means my anniversary, my grandson's 21st birthday...and probably hot weather which I could do without!

  3. Hi Lee...sounds like a busy June for you! My anniversary is in June too(looks up at Janet's comment). Enjoy your upcoming road trip!!!


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