Monday, June 02, 2014

Help I need somebody

lately I have been noticing a trend away
from the blog and just facebook, twitter or
whatever the new flavour of the month is.
I have been thinking a lot about finally
letting go of this blog, over the years
I have been saying that every now and then,
but kept on going.  But I have less
and less to say on this blog.  I have
read many blogs that have interesting,
thought provoking ideas on them, and
it makes you want to come back to them.
Its not that I don't have interesting or thought
provoking ideas, its just that is not
the kind of blog I wanted this to be when
I first started out. I at first was happy
with two readers (family lol), now I have
grown to 40 readers a day, and that's great.
But really why do you come here, my art,
my thoughts what? I want to make this
blog worthwhile to visit but I am stumped


  1. It depends what you want to get out of a blog. I use mine as a vehicle to share my art and that's all I want from blogs I follow,to see other peoples art. I hope you keep sharing yours.

  2. I enjoy seeing your art, learning about your thought process in creating the art. I may not comment a lot, but I do read each post you make. I admire the discipline it takes to create and post blogs on a regular basis and I thank you for sharing your time and talent.

  3. Lee, in the end of the day, it's your decission to make. I love reading your funny posts, and your particular style of writing. I so often can relate, and some times that leads to spilling coffee or worse coughing because of wrong swallowing. Even if I'm not visiting every single day, I always try to catch up when visiting.
    I love your art as well, and it's very inspiring to come here visiting. Your blog is really one of my favs, just because of your writing about everyday life. Like a friend to friend talk rather than teacher to pupil. I appreciate every single post you write, and now I'm crossing my fingers. Make the right choice for yourself my friend.

  4. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I love seeing what you are making and hearing what's new, Auntie! I hope you keep going with it :)

  5. I come here for your art - you do execute new ideas! you do show creativity in your work! I also come to hear about your day - I actually like to read that you went traveling or shopping or what you cooked for dinner!!!!!!! also you have grown as an artist over the year - your drawings of women show growth! you can feel that you want to leave all you want to - as long as you don't!

  6. Well, Lee, I think it's your personality, of which art is a large part, plus your readiness to share your work and your thoughts. You're also a fun read! As you know, I chose to stop blogging for awhile, but I missed the blogging experience, which includes reading blogs of people I feel I have gotten to know (a bit) and like. That may be my favorite part, the feeling of community. I didn't enjoy facebook and I can't imagine even faster (and possibly shorter) means of communicating. Of course, it is your decision about whether you still enjoy the blogging process or prefer to invest your time in other media. I, and many others, will miss you if you decide to go!

  7. Wendy6:41 PM

    I like your art - I also like hearing about new things you try- I really liked when you shared blogs that meant something to you - you used to post- I thank you for doing this and if you decide to leave that is your choice- I just want you to know that your blog has meant a lot to me--

  8. Show us your art and let us know what you think.. that's wonderful--
    facebook etc is facebook... well it's ok.
    Here is your Iittle private world - your personal virtual art home!
    And when I visit here it is not facebook it is Lee!

    lovely art ...


  9. Oh please, please, please continue with this lovely, pretty and beloved blog! I come here because of your unique art and your humorous notes. I can't live without that! I love blogs because they all have an individual look. facebook is like an uniform. I do not like it much. It works only as a function for me but I have no pleasure there as there is no individual design and I would miss your's so much! Love your colorful flowers!

  10. P.S. But if you need a break you deserve it of course and you should enjoy it.

  11. I love your creativity, the way you can write so much with so few words! I find your blog interesting...and yes your personality shows through. Your blog will one day be a legacy! You have such a cool unique style.... I love the whimsy in all your pieces....I don't care if you write one sentence with your work. I hope you never quit, you are so inspirational!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. I think you already know that I love your art but I also love your sense of humor, your personality, and just YOU in general. I hope you don't give up on this blog. I apologize for not being a regular visitor recently but I enjoy it when I finally get to visit.

  13. ditto to what Janet said!

    pleeeeese stay!

  14. Oh, I love everything about your blog, Lee. I'm a fairly new reader, but I keep coming back for more. I'm quite fond of your quirky, fun style, and I enjoy reading about your day. I hope you don't quit..ever.

  15. For me, blogs are about art AND friendship. when I blog is just straight talk about how something was made and what materials were used, I get tired of it quickly. but when I get to know the person behind the blog, it's like visiting a friend. so I love seeing your art almost everyday, and I like being able to stay connected with you this way.


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