Wednesday, August 13, 2014

face or no face

another work in progress, I   need to
get busy and finish these
First came the head and she
morphed into this girl without a face
which by the way I am leaving
I have 4 different collages which
are all going to be girls with
different hairstyles.these are
all 6x6.  What do you think should
I leave her face blank, or put one
in, now that I look at her and rethink it.


  1. If your first thought was to leave her without a face,then I would go with that.

  2. this is a great collage! you can do a face if you want to - it would be a great one...or increase certain colors you have there to 'indicate' a face - if you want to - or some type of small collage for a cheek - like those cute little squares you have on her top - perhaps!! or leave her without a face like Fuzzie Fingers said...have I helped you at all?

  3. Love it as it is, definitely go with your instincts. Annette x

  4. Without a face the focus is more on the hair style so if that's what you're going for leave it as is.


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