Sunday, August 31, 2014

Frida and La policía

Frida went home after church, and what did she find?
Diego playing house with the La policía  wife.
Frida promptly phoned La policía and reported a
burglary at Diego house, and sat down at her
easel and started to paint, and waited until for all hell broke loss.
I hope you have enjoyed my Frida series, I
enjoyed doing it.  If you want to see all the
Fridas go down below and hit the Frida label
and they will all come up


  1. you did a great job with the frida challenge!!!!!

  2. I love your wonderful illustrated story about Frida! The last chapter is terrific :) This lady is really awesome how you have portrayed her.

  3. I have just come to catch up with Frida, very sweet Lee.

  4. Good stories...good series! That devil man Diego was quite the rogue(from what I read, he really was). Your Fridas have been delightful!

  5. Your Frida/Diego series was great! I enjoyed both the art and the stories. I hate to see it end.


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