Thursday, August 14, 2014

Looking Back

This is an really early collage that I did,  I cant
remember how long ago.  I put in a journal
that I was working on, and came across it
today.  I love looking back at how I have
progressed, do you every do that?


  1. I love the colours in this, Lee. When I look back at my very first faces during the 29 Faces Challenge, which was when I really started doing faces. I am amazed at the difference and I can see how my style has developed which I really strove for in the early days.

  2. Love your collage and certainly looking back proves to be interesting, Annette x

  3. Yes I also do this and this is also a reason why I love blogging and visiting other blogs. Looking at the progress is always such an unexpected and wonderful surprise. I love the quote you put in the middle of your collage and this peaceful face. And I love the red. It's looking like a delicious red wine or like delicious raspberry sauce :)

  4. P.S. And I love your new blog header as well! I am totally in love with all of your colorful colors!

  5. Looking back is good...and so is this piece. I love the quote, the face and the horseshoe shaped body. Very creative!


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