Sunday, August 03, 2014

just a quick visit

I have been so enjoying my holiday, but am missing my blog
my god do I have a fever, I told you its a love hate relationship.
I have been enjoying the beautiful weather
I have been collaging, and painting and drawing up a storm
so lots to show you when I come back
I have been researching about selling my art online
any suggestions, how to, what not to do.
Its a holiday in Canada tomorrow\
having a famly bbq
12 people
the grill will be smoking
and the margaritas flowing
back soon


  1. beautiful, beautiful art lee! missing your work!!!

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

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  3. Anonymous12:23 AM

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  4. Wendy7:48 AM

    Have you checked out etsy- I might try this at some point- as always your art is great - have a nice day

  5. I, too, have been contemplating putting my artwork up for sale. I have been considering either an Etsy shop or a separate blog purely for selling. I would love to hear what you have learned from your research.

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Can't live with it, can't live without it. Kind of like my husband. No, I didn't say that.

  7. I have the same relationship with my blog. I didn't post for almost a month and now I'm back again. I miss seeing your art and hearing about your day. You may think your day is boring but I don't. I'm always interested in how other people go about their daily lives.
    I'd love to sell my art online, too, but just haven't found a way that I like.


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