Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Painting, cooking and the sun

another bird in the series, everything is collaged
except the ground and the sky, the ground
I put on some molding paste and went
with the pan pastels for colour
the sky is paint, it looks to flat to me
so I am going to do some white paint circle things. And the
feet need to be black and I forgot to paint the beck
just got some rhubarb from the neighbour
going to make some rhubarb coffee cake
and muffins, do some on my series
its beautiful out hot sunny, and I might do the art on the deck
cant waste this beautiful weather.


  1. You have done a lot! By the way I love rhubarb cakes! And I love your happy hippy birdie too! And the fence also looks great! You have so much fantastic fantasy!

  2. Love this one, too. I agree the sky needs a little something and the feet need to be darker but other than that it's perfect.

    I'm not a huge rhubarb fan but I hope you enjoyed the coffee cake and muffins.


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