Monday, August 25, 2014

Its a simple life....

I live a simple life, I always have, I was never
a big party girl, one who had to go out
every night when I was younger.  I was
always content to stay home.  I always loved
to read, and draw, and could keep myself
amused for hours, my sister was completely
opposite of me, she had a different boyfriend
every week, and went out all the time.  When
I grew up, I remained the same, just content
to live my life .  Is it always good to be
content, I have to answer truthfully
no,.  That's the trouble, I  find it extremely
uncomfortable to go out of my safety zone, especially
in my art, but when you are an artist you need to take
chances, you need to sell yourself and your art, so
I need to think big, and live a big life now and then.


  1. great art and well said!!!!

  2. go for it Lee! you just never know until you try!

  3. Gosh Lee, this is a strong piece and it's obvious with the words you have written to go with it that you feel it's a strong piece too. Nice work and a good post! Contentment is always a good thing, but being uncomfortable or a bit stretched can bring about some nice art and in life.

  4. It's good to step outside your comfort zone now and then...and I can see how your art is changing. It's subtle but it's there and I love it. Keep stepping out of that comfort zone because it's working.

  5. I love it so much to read your short texts about life and everything! And the bird flying around the exciting girl's head expresses these thoughts for me very well. It's great how you combine text and illustration.

  6. You've got me thinking now. Love the painting.


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