Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A tip on storing words.....

I am going to tell you how I store my words, or saying's that I
find in magazines or books or whatever.  Sometimes you
just need a quote or a word or a saying.  So what I do
is every time I am looking through anything magazine, flyer whatever
I am looking for words, sayings etc.  When I see them, I cut them,
and store them in a box, and when I have enough, I glue
about 5 to 10 on a piece of paper, scan it, and store on my
computer as words to use in my art.  Then I don't have look
thru the box sorting words, I just look on my computer
for the stuff I want, cut and copy. 


  1. That's a great idea and one I will use when I have time to create again! Saved for later. X

  2. Do you put the words in categories before you scan, and then make a file name? Or do you look through your scans until you find something you like? Great idea to avoid paper giblets!


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