Monday, September 08, 2014

get happy.....

I have been really happy lately, the hubster is feeling better, and
life in general is not kicking me in the pants. 
Here is a little story of how I came by my name
now Lee on a girl is not really common, especially
spelled  the way it is.  Well my mother tells the
story, like this, this was back in the day
when apparently drinking did not affect
your baby, (lol) now we know what happened to me.
Anyway as she says she was in a "beer Parlour" have
a beer with my Dad, and they meet a (lady) who
name happened to be Lee, and that's how I got
my name.  My other sister's name was Delta,
not a common name either (was my dads mothers name)
and my other sister name is Vicki-Lynn (lol) sounds
like a country and western singer, my older sister
came up with that one.  So do you know
how your name came about.  My daughters name is Lyndsey,
my husband picked that one out, but her middle name
is Brydges which was my maiden name, which died
when my dad died.  So she said whenever she has
kids she will ensure one them has that name as
a middle name.....


  1. Good story...I was laughing about what you said about drinking, and that's what happened to you.

    I believe my mom's youngest brother named me. Not sure why he picked Janet but later when he had a daughter he gave her my middle name, Kay.

  2. I was named for a great aunt who died in the 1920's (father's side) and a great uncle (spelling changed) on my mother's side. No one has ever called me by my first name or both names unless they were very mad, like my mom, or teasing, like DH. I've had my nickname all my life. Nicknames seem to be common in the southern US.


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