Monday, September 22, 2014

Spawning in the Adams River

I thought I would tell you some of the
highlight's of my trip.  Now my friend wouldn't call this
a highlight, but at about 2.00 am one morning
her dog started barking, and it was a
black bear lumbering down her driveway to
the lower acreages that have fruit trees.  Her house
is the path that they take to get to the trees.  Now my
friend doesn't see that as a highlight, and If I lived
there nor would I.  The second highlight was
seeing the salmon spawning on the Adams River.
Every year the salmon whose time it is, get
like a calling to mate, and somehow when they
are swimming deep in the Ocean, they know
they have to go back to where they were
first spawned.  After they have laid there eggs
in the gravel of the Adams River they die.  They
float along the river so that the bears, deer and whatever else
can eat them, and the cycle goes on.  You are not allowed to fish
in this river while all this is happening.  Now my friend
says when its at its peak you cant see the river for all the
red salmon and the smell is awful.  We were there a few
days early,  but still a sight to see.  Ok that is my
science lecture for today.


  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Love it!

  2. Me too I Love it! Can't live in B.C. without learning the spawning process in school a few times. The bear thing is another thing...scary! Too close for comfort!

    Hugs Giggles


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