Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The interior life .....

Another page in my documented planner
sometimes I go with the prompts (which I am way behind on)
or sometimes I just go my own way.  I love Giraffes, and
have been practicing drawing them, so I can get better
at them.  I am improving.....Well the kitchen reno
is going slowly, we finally decided on the tile
for the backsplash in the kitchen, so now we can
order both the granite and the tile.  The same
company installs.  Now its just sinks and taps.  So
many choices, after while, you don't even look
anymore, you take 5 of your favourites and
whittle them down.  I told the hubsters,
that is it, no more looking.


  1. thats the trouble with kitchen renos... soooo many choices, so many things to decide on and now that its done you really kind of dont look at it but just use it! I got sick of deciding which tiles to use, which taps and on and on! anyway there is life after a reno... so hang on in there! love the giraffes too!

  2. Giraffes - of course now I know I need to practice giraffes.

  3. I hear you about the kitchen renos... we need to do our again too!! I don't look forward to picking out the sink and taps. The ones I'd want cost and arm and leg! Wonderful giraffes! You should make a childrens picture book... with your art and humour it would be amazing!

    Hugs Giggles


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