Friday, September 05, 2014

A few of my favourite things....

Last night while watching TV, I sat sketching and
this is what came out, and I only used
markers.  I thought that since this was Friday,
I would tell you a few of my very favourite art supplies.
I know you are all on the edge of your seat and have
been wondering what I use (lol).  So here it goes:
I use markers a lot I like the intensity of colour
it gives, its portability, so my favourite ones are
PERMAPAGUE, I used to get them
at Michaels but cant find them anymore,
so my art store carries them. I have all colours.
My favourite black pen is
this baby writes over anything
Favourite gluestick
Alymers Purple Glue
Favourite watercolour markers
Tombow Acid Free
This is my favourite white pen that really turns white
Pentel Correction Pen
Second choice Signo uniball pen
These are a few of my favourites I share more later,
what are you favourites?


  1. Lee, you do wonders with markers! This is such a fun piece.

    My favorites are Prismacolor markers or Sharpies. I like the pens from Scarlet Lime. I think they might be similar to your Pilot Permaball. I don't use glue sticks very often...mostly Mod Podge. I don't have any watercolor markers. And I can't do art without my Sharpie poster paint pens in black and white.

  2. Gorgeous colors! You inspire me to use markers and pens more. I'm going to have to check out the Pilot Permaball and the Pentel correction pen. I use The black Farber Castel Pitt pen and the white uniball--and both don't last long enough!

  3. Gosh Lee! You did that with markers?! Wonderful! Lets see.... I use PittPens alot...They tend to write on anything for me as long as i make sure i have let the paint or whatever dry thoroughly..... I use Sharpe extra fine point markers.... prismacolor pencils, cheap acrylic paint......and the list goes on....LOL! Love your favorite place to draw is in front of the TV too as what ever is on tends not to capture my full attention.. Big Hugs! deb

  4. I often think I should sit and sketch when sitting in an evening but I'm not sure my eyes would stay open long enough to finish anything.
    The colours and design are great and it's always interesting to read what other artists use for their supplies.
    Thanks for sharing :D


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