Friday, August 25, 2006

Were in business -pictures posted from home

Thank the gods at blogger I can post pictures now from home. Today was a great day...I woke up and felt like taking a vacation, so that just what I did. I did the dont do anything but relax and go to the casino day, did I spend a bundle no. Actually my mother spent her money and I just watched (she won quite alot) so I was happy for her. I just cant justify spending my money and losing it, when I could be buying myself something I want. Other than that it was also a no cooking day (pizza) and a create something day in the studio, just wanted to keep the creative juices flowing, just a little something from my studio, to go into my everyday ramblings album. Well I so excited that I can post pictures I might not sleep (ha ha). Well should go talk to you and tomorrow...


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