Monday, August 07, 2006

Shorter Nights....

You know once August hits, it feels like summer is over, the temp are high but not as hot, the nights are getting shorter, and pretty soon the dew will be on the cars in the morning. I know we still have plenty of August left, but I love summer and am not looking forward to Fall. This long weekend was amazing, great weather, did not do to much, just hung out, cleaned the studio, BBQ, sat on the deck, did a bit of shopping. The daughter got home yesterday, had a great time and is now looking forward to another holiday, what about work..... I say.... She is taking a year of school, to save some money, have a break and just generally chill. The picture I have posted was taken in New Westminister on a road that my brother inlaw takes to work everyday. I wish I had such a nice peacfull road to go to work on everyday. Yes the weekend is over and its back to the old salt mines tommorrow, we are crazy busy at work, and have been putting in extra time. Oh well, I like the money. Well I best get my lunch made and hit the hay, so talk to you tommorw.


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