Saturday, August 26, 2006

I saw the movie World Trade Centre...

I went to the movie last week with my daughter and mother, it was very good, Nicolas Cage i am not a fan of but it was not all about him, it was very realistic and you really thought about how it touched not just the people in the building but there family as well. Well its still working pictures are posting. I was going to take a great picture today but got busy and forgot. We are going to watch a movie tonight with Harrison Ford in it, i cant remember what it is called as soon as the football game is over. The Great Falls trip is coming together, the plan is set and I am making the reservations. I am getting so excited..... I love go with my girlfriends away we have a blast. Well today was great nice weather and did not do to much, just did what I wanted to do, I love those days. Well I hear the game is just about over, so will talk to you tomorrow I think with another snap of the studio, with some new items that I have put in it.


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