Thursday, August 03, 2006

Would I sell my soul to have this......

Yes I would, I long to have this camera. Will it change my life, I am sure it would, the pictures I take with it would certainly win me some national award. This is what I tell myself to justify the cost of this baby. Truthfully it would not make my a better photographer, but I really beleive I could get better pictures. But for now I will make due with my Sony and truthfully I am very happy with it. I know your thinking god is that all she has to write about, but really how boring is my life. It;s already August where is the time going and what have I done all summer long. When you live in a cold climate for most of the year, you gotta make time in the Summer and enjoy it, so that is what I am going to do this long weekend. Just sit back and emjoy the weekend, maybe take in a Festive that I have never been to before, have a couple of coolers on the deck, read art magazines and sleep in. So enough of this, I am sure lyou have completly lost interst by now, so talk to you tomorrow.


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