Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Watch Rock Star Super Nova tonight.

This is who I want to win, not only is he Canadian but he really can sing. I have always loved music all kinds of music, i think Art and Music go together both creative. I love this show, what talent. If you look past Tommy Lee and his antics it is very interesting tonight at 9:00. Well did not post last night early to bed, I have a killer sore throat today and my sinus are acting up, I quess I am getting a summer cold. Because soon summer is over and here comes fall, usually around here we get snow by October 31, 2006 so I quess we better enjoy the rest of summer and fall. I am posting early because I am going down to the studio to work and while I am working I will watch my show. I am working on piece called REMIX - its a message about the 1970 to today... Well i should go talk to you tommorrow, hopefully with something to show you......


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