Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am a travelling gal.....

1. Made it to Phoneix, US Airways, no problems, no lost luggage, no delay on time
2. Rented the car no problems
3. Found the hotel with little difficulty, my little navigator (Lyndsey) did a great job and we were all over all day long.
4. Got to the hotel around 4:00 and were assigned our room. Problem, didnt like it, looks out on to a busy road, all the rest of the rooms look out onto the pool. Otherwise the hotel is really nice , clean, bright, modern. I talked to the guy at the desk said we are staying 6 nights and really would like a room with a view. He could not have been nicer and we are moving tommorow.
5. Lyndsey already found a deal at Last Chance (Neman Marcus outlet) a juicy bag that was a thousand a home (not kidding about this price) and 40 here of course we bought it. Almost saw a fight between two ladies fighting over the same purse they grabbed it out of each other hands. We will be back the deals are great, I did not buy anything but the week is young.
6. Keep checking back for the amazing adventures of Lee and Lyndsey...I will be blogging everyday...stay tuned....


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