Sunday, March 25, 2007

Only 4 more sleeps till the trip....

1. The weather has been beautiful really spring like yesterday and today. I was out cleaning out the car, vacuming, washing the windows, and trying to take it to the carwash but the line up was about a mile long. Thats what happens when it is nice weather in Canada, the first place you want to go is the carwash, though I have washed it a few times over the winter.
2. We have had a problem with our sump pump but mr. fix it surpised me and fixed it. This is not exactly his area of expertise, ask him a labour problem and he is your guy. But once in a way we are surprised by him.
3. We are all going out for supper with my Mom tonight, so no cooking in this house, just put the oven to clean anyway..
4. I know this is riveting stuff how can you not keep on reading.
5. The picture is of Sedona Arizona, and I plan on visiting Sedona. It is a very artsy beautiful place in Arizonia that I have always wanted to visit.
6. Tonight I am going to put together my shelf, so I can get the studio back in working order. I have been sketcing in my sketch book so have been doing some art.


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