Monday, March 12, 2007

Today was a total bust.....

5 things I want to do tonight:

Work on my sketch exercise for today

Read the new issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors

Make muffins for breakfast

Vacuum the house

Try to go to bed early

How many of these do you think I will get done today........ This morning I got up bright and early and went to work. What a mess, I could not sit at my desk because of the dirt and the smell of musty carpet. They are suppose to be coming in tonight to re clean the carpet, sanitize my carpet and my desk. Even after all that water, my computer still worked, that is totally amazing to me.Basically today was just a wasted day, none of my computer programs that I used were on the other computer, so I did what I could not much....Well I was hoping Heroes was on tonight but don't see it in the paper so I guess maybe I should start on one of those items that I want to accomplish tonight. I leave you with a picture of my grandfather who was a chauffeur in Vancouver for a wealthy family for many years......


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