Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am in the gallery....

Tonight I went to the Art Gallery and saw the free for all show. It was totally amazing, 2000 pieces of art from ordianry people or should I say artisits. My daughter took this picture of me and my art peice for me to remember after all how many times in your life can one say I had a peice of art in the art gallery. Haha Well today was one of those crazy days at work, a flood at my desk (walked in this morning and water all over the floor from the roof that is melting, and they cant find the hole, so lots of garbage cans all over trying to catch the drips. Hopefully I dont have to swim in there tommorow. Well enough for now gotta run everybody have a great Friday and hopefully I will talk to you tommorow.


  1. Congratulations Lee, your picture in the art gallery...that is wonderful. Good for you for entering it, that takes some guts to put it out there for everyone to look at. You must be very proud.....I'm proud of you!!! You go Girl!

  2. Marianne1:26 PM

    That is fantastic. What a great idea the Art Gallery had for everyone to fulfill there dream of having something displayed at the Gallery.

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Way to go Cous that is totally awesome I am so proud of you and you should be very proud of yourself keep up the great work
    love ya


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