Sunday, March 11, 2007

pretty woman...sketch

still doing that sketch a day, trying to get better each day, the eyes need some work. Well not much has happened this weekend. On Friday all was fine at my desk, still a little wet but managed. Went out for the lunch with all the women who work with me. Back after lunch we walk into a diaster zone. Our whole area is marked off with tape. A pipe in my office had exploded and water up over your ankle. Plus it had come out of the pipe so hard it blew the cement cap off which would have hit me if I had been there, They would not let us in to see the mess so Monday we will see it. We all got the afternoon off.... Other than that not much is new.....I finally got enough nerve to apply to the University to enter there fine arts program, and I have to supply my marks (high school) 35 years ago, different province. I emailed my old high school in Vancouver, and they emailed me back how to get them. So gotto do that now to get them.
Well talk to you tommorow we are all going in at 6:30 am to see what we can do at work....


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