Thursday, March 22, 2007

See me....

1. Today I was thinking alot about how people perceive me, do they see me or just the outside shell. Do they want to really see me and that means just getting past the surface stuff.
2. Today was a bad day at the office as one of the workers was electrocuted last night in worked in the same building as me for about 4 years so everybody knows who he is. So today was a day spent remembering him.
3. Working on the trip, got the plane tickets, made the hotel reservations and renting the car, now just need to get some American money and we are all set. Everything but the suitcases now that is another story.
4. How do I explain the picture just a doddle in the sketchbook not even a great doddle but just some random thoughts on paper maybe to use in a peice maybe not.


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