Monday, April 09, 2007

Back to work tuesday...

Yep, still have not gone back to work yet. Tuesday is my first official back to work day. Am I looking forward to it, no. Always after a holiday the first week is the worst, at least its not a full week, plus I will have alot of cathching up to do, so the day will go by fast. Hope you all had a great easter weekend, I did. We have a family get together at the mother inlaws and had turkey and ham and the whole works, and took alot of great pictures and played board games. The weather still is not geat it is going to be 0 tommorow that celsuis. Today I went out and bought myself a new book Collage by Claudine Hellmuth, I have been wanting this book and so I treated myself to it today.Gotta go talk to you tommorow.


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