Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who knows what a Turkey Vulture looks like...

Well this is a picture I drew a few weeks ago, I saw a picture in the paper of a "turkey vulture" and it got my eye and I sketched it. I think I need practice in the animal drawing department. But you only get better with practice. I want to thank you for the nice comments about my blog and keeping it up. I was really having a bad couple of weeks, but I am feeling better now. Sometimes the stuff you write you look back and read it and think who wants to read that crap. Now I could talk about stuff that really doesn't interest me, and I think if you read my stuff you must like what I talk about, even if it is about nothing. I am in the process of creating a book called "Bertha's Closet" she is my grandmother born and bred in England hence the name. I have been in the planning stages of this collage book, I have pictures, and I am going to draw garments from the time period etc. I am excited about this project, it will take awhile but Its something to work on, when other art projects are going badly...Well must go my shows are almost on, greys antomy, etc. I don't watch to much TV but I do like my shows. Talk to you tomorrow.....and think good thoughts...


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    when your doneBertha's CLoset send me a copy as I think my mom would like to see it as I would since I didn't really know grandma as I was very young when she passed but I am told my mom is a lot like her so I think it would be neat to see you take on her
    keep blogging I love it
    take care lots of love your family in Burnaby BC

  2. This is the friendliest darned turkey vulture I have ever seen!

    saw this title while viewing your sunday scribble and had to peek. I know I write a lot of "crap" on my blog but it's therapeutic for me even if not too many folks read it.


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