Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One last picture of the mountains of sedona i Promise

1. Today was great, my daughter got accepted into College. She doesnt really know what she wanted to take, so decided to take alot of computer courses, to start which will serve her well in the working world and the school world. One further step into independance I hope I can handle this next step she will move away. I told her where she goes we go.
2. You probably wondering two things hows the diet and wheres the diet cards. Well truthfully the diet has not been going great the trip and all. So its back to doing the diet and really trying. The weather is here great, snow gone, weather warmer. Its good just to get out and walk.
3. Now hows the art going, not great. Since I got back, I have not done much, puttered around, have a few ideas but nothing specific. It seems like I am having a art breakdown. So cleaned the studio and started reading some of my art books for inspiration.
Well thats enough of nothing for one night, stay tuned I hope to do some art tommorow night.......keep your fingers crossed.


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