Monday, April 02, 2007

I love Arizona

I love Arizonia, the weather is perfect. If only I could bottle this weather up and take it home. Hubby said today on his way home from work it was snowing, not a great way to arrive home. We leave this great state tommorow night at about 9:00 and spend 2 hours layover in Vegas, not to much time to get into trouble. Maybe they have slots in the airport. I have been to Vegas a few times, but I cant remember about the slots in the airport. We have been all over today, taking new freeways and actually ending up where we want to be....totatly amazing that two hicks from Canada can travel these freeways. My daughter and i had a great time on our holiday. We bonded well, not to many years will she be living at home with us and then her own family, so this was good, hubby couldnt come. He would not have enjoyed himself anyway way to much shopping for him. Today we went downtown scottsdale, old scottsdale, it was great got lots of snaps , so this will be my last post, will post again on Wednesday with pictures from the trip......Thanks for reading the adventures of Thelma and Louise hopefully to be continued for a couple more years together.....


  1. Marianne8:51 PM

    Have enjoyed reading the adventures of the two shoppers from Canada. Do you think the economy in Arizona will ever recover after you leave.
    It will be good to have you home safe & sound. Looking forward to your pics.

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    thanks for keeping us posted on your adventure I enjoyed reading and keeping up on your hoiday with your daughter
    keep it going
    from cousin Kathy

  3. Sandy1:12 PM

    Hi Lee....

    I really enjoyed reading your blog each day...I could actually visualize the two of you bombing around, laughing, and have a great time...this was a good thing for you and Lyndsey to do...I'm sure that it did the world of good for both of you....looking forward to actually talking to you about your trip and the many adventures you with you soon....I suspect that you are at home sleeping right now resting up.....are your Thelma or Louise?

  4. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Hi Lee --My hubby just got back from Arizona also and was in the same place as you!!! I enjoy reading what you are up to and always want to see what you do in the studio. Your blog was the first blog I ever read and I was so impressed I started to blog!!! I can't do the art that you do sadly.


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