Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dont you want to dance with baby....

Okay mine does not quite compare with the orignal. But I was going for the difference years make. We wear more clothes now but we can still belt out tunes and dance. I found this image in a Vogue book and the article was about a graphic designer who made caracitures famous in 1930, very interesting. I thought hey I would love to do that in my art journal and hence here it is in all its glory. My face looks like a dogs breakfast it needed more work but I left it the way it was, its only my art journal its not like I was giving it to someone. I love smoky gold colours. I like New Orleans colour, I have never been there but I think the colour would be amazing. Okay there are some spelling mistakes here and blogger spell check for some reason is not working and I am way to lazy at 12:00 to look them up in the dictionary, so just pretend they are spelled correctly.


  1. Hi Lee,

    I love the colors as well and the contrast between then and now.


  2. The colors are great. New Orleans has always held a fascination for me, too. I'm sure it's a riot of color....well, maybe not anymore. :-( This page has a lot of movement and makes me feel happy looking at it.

    (I tried that magazine/gesso challenge from a couple of days ago but I'm not sure I did it the same as you.)

  3. Lee, I love this!


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