Tuesday, February 05, 2008

lWhat are you made of....

Here is a page I am working on in my Art Journal. Not finished yet, but I am looking for a quote and stuff still. I wish I could be more free and easy in this book. I look at Teesha Moore, and Kelly Kilmer art journal, and its all about this and that and it all works together. When I try it turns into a mess. So I end up putting very little mixed media stuff. I feel that when I do a page it has to tell a story to me, about how I am feeling, about what I think, what I am doing, so everything has to go with that story. I quess that is the way I am in life all neat and tidy and wrapped tight. To tight I need to let go and let my inner artist out....


  1. Lee the same with me too...when I let go a bit I feel messy on the page. I think it all comes with practice and it will in time. You have your own style and its great!

  2. Hi, Lee.

    I couldn't find an email address for you. Since you commented and told me about Patsy Montana being your grandmother, I just had to write back and say HI. Of course, I'm sure you have guessed she is part of my inspiration - I love that song, "Cowboy's Sweetheart." It's sort of my "theme song." I've enjoyed coming to your blog and just want to say thanks for coming by my Art Pub blog. I have another blog entitled Cowboy's Sweetheart at http://cowboyssweetheart.net
    Check it out when you have a few minutes.
    Hugs & Happy Trails,


  3. Lee - just read debs comment - sorry being aussie dont know who patsy montana is.... was she a country singer? wow!!! how exciting! now I have to go google and find out!

  4. Since you excel at legs :), you might be interested in this French art competition:



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