Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are two eyed women pretty.

My version of Picasso's (Woman in a blue hat). I am sure he had a thing for women with two heads or two eyes. Maybe all the women he dated were not good looking.....after all he was no stud..Did he wake up one morning after a night of drinking and say cheez I think I will paint a two eyed woman. These are my theories (lol). Well today is another day and I am going to try to get to the studio and do something instead of work in my journal, so I am outta of here and talk to you later.


  1. Oh you did a painting in cubism style! I like your version why he did paint like that.....we did some art in cubism style in school and it's a lot of that time they put in one artwork different perspectives that's why they look all so 'ugly'. Looking to see more of you cubism style! Enjoy creating, smiles, Anke ;)

  2. Women killed themsleves over picasso and 2 of his wives died after he stopped being married to them, so the guy must have had 'something' going for him! mayb eh painted 2 eyed women as he couldn never make up his mind which one he liked better, so he did a 2 inone instead! lol.... just guessing... love the painting, its a great piece.

  3. Lee, I think your Picasso style painting is really great! I love Picasso!


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