Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last minute photos of the presents for the trip

Well here a few pictures of the travel journal I created for the girls. I have one for myself already. As part of there gift also I am giving scissors, glue etc. And of course I am taking my art on the go box, with needed supplies. Also included an original piece of art by me,
We are planning (trying) to go to Salt Spring Island on Saturday morning for the annual Saturday Art Market. Salt Spring Island is an artist community (robert bateman lives there for example) and they have an amazing amount of artists that live there. You have to take a ferry from Victoria there it is about 30 minutes away. Going to take alot of pics so be prepared.
I decided that I could post these now as I am sure they will not be looking at the blog.


  1. reat idea - seeing all those artists etc and art - I'm so envious! have a great time.

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    that was - Great! sorry the g got eaten up!Krissie

  3. Oh those are awesome! I hope you have a blast together and enjoy your trip! See you around when you are back, bis smile, Anke ;)

  4. That last comment looks like spam to me, Lee. What was that?

    I think your travel journals are so wonderful! I am sure your friends were thrilled. I hope the trip was great...
    can't wait to see the photos..

  5. Lee...
    These books are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful time...


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