Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flower Power

Hello Wednesday....half the week gone. Was very busy yesterday went to the emergency vet's , the puppy eat a pill off the floor that I had dropped. So we rushed off, they made her vomit, and she had to stay 3 hours there. When we came home we had to give her liquid charcoal. Lets just say I would not want it in my mouth. Well the daughter and I are not nurse material. The daughter had Sofie between her legs, we had to pry open her mouth she knew what was coming and was crying and hiding her head. And I had a syringe they gave me, and I had to shoot it in her mouth about 4 times. Sofie was crying, I missed her mouth got the daughter, got the cement,got me me, but Sofie finally got it all and seems recovered today. So here is hoping for a better day today.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Oh boy...I am happy to hear your doggie is ok..but glad to hear that I am not the only person who owns a dog who will eat whatever whenever anything falls immediately to the floor...we've done the name it.. His latest ingestion? My mom came over to dip her feet in the pool...when she got out, we couldn't find her socks. Yep.. they came out...eventually.

  2. Our old dog was the smae - it took a lot of sheer will power and muscle to get his meds down his throat when he needed them!!

    I am updating my blog and love your sidebar and trying to do the same!!

  3. Oh no! That sounds like a lot of stress for her, you and your daughter....glad to hear your dog is feeling better again......they are so fast, as soon something hits the ground they are there. My parents dog is the same way.
    I enjoyed you new creation, what a inspiring technique.....keep coming with those wonderful ideas! Big smile, Anke
    PS: My starting time with classes depends on the window which should be hear any day now....Plan is around 11th or 18th October....

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    oh I hope Sophie is ok now
    that is not fun we have had to give our cat medicine before and tha is a challenge
    keep up with the art i love it
    say hi to Auntie for me
    love always your cousin in Vancouver

  5. hoping everything is ok? you havent posted for a while.

  6. I know it probably wasn't funny for you, but your story about Sophie made me laugh. Probably because it sounds like such a typical dog adventure. I am glad she is okay.

    Ask me sometime about my friend's dog who ate an ENTIRE box of tampons...

  7. Oh your poor puppy! I"m glad she is okay now.


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