Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another year older but not wiser....

St. Pa tricks day, and its my birthday today.....I am not aging anymore so I don't really celebrate my birthday. But my family insists on it,because the shopper works tonight we went out last night for dinner. This morning I was spoiled rotten the hubby and the shopper went together and bought me a Betsy Johnson bag, money , tickets etc. I am going on a road trip starting next Wednesday with a friend for about 5 days and am looking forward to that. Today in honor of my birthday I am not going to do anything except stuff for me. When the painter gets here I am off to go for Breakfast with my mother. Then shopping, Starbucks for a little journalling and art. Home to the studio for some time with my new supplies I will be bringing home. and a I think we will watch a movie tonight. So all and all will be a good do nothing day......will report back tomorrow how much of that do nothing I accomplished.



  1. Fun times!!! Yes, spoil yourself, I'm all for that! I like that question on your painting: Who Will I Be? Isn't that a great feeling, to realize you're going to change and learn and discover? HAVE A BLAST!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lee!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! SMILES, ANKE ;)

  3. Lee, Luv, I've given you award on my blog -- want you to know. You are NOT obligated to do anything with it, but I want you to know how much you inspire me!

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Happy BIrthday, Lee!!! Your plans sound PERFECT! Have fun!!

  5. Winterwood /Krissie8:02 PM

    OH - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go on spoil yourself rotten - you deserve to have a wonderful day! Krissie

  6. Happy Birthday...hope you have many more Happy and Healthy ones.


  7. Happy birthday a day late!!


  8. Happy, happy, happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed every minute. Sorry I took the blogging day off on your birthday! I love the piece of art accompanying this post.

  9. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Happy belated birthday and yes it was also baby Toe's birthday on the 14th so we celebrated his and i also thought of you as you wanted him born on your birhtday but we couldn't hold him in any longer well that was 23 yrs ago
    i hope your day was as good as his was take care love always cousin
    Kathy from Vancouver thinging of you all always xxoo


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