Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sofie the star magazine

Here are 10 things about me nobody asked for:

1. I am a very nice dog, I am almost 2 years old. Fully trained and spoiled rotten.

2. I often just have to give my momma a certain look and she will give me any treat
I desire.

3. I don't like it when my family does not pay attention to me, I often will ask
them politely to get off the computer, they can tell that I am getting upset when I
rub my toy against their legs

4. My momma thinks that I like her singing, I don't know how to tell her that
she can't sing or dance.

5. I have elected myself queen of our street. I stand on guard at our front
window at aleast 4-5 hours a day, praying someone will drive or walk by
so I can give them a good barking at, even if they cant hear me.

6. I have a few friends I play with when my momma takes me to daycare. I have
one really close friend a golden retriever named Bob . He is my favourite and
we play all day long. I need to find some friends in the neighbourhood so
we can have play dates over at my house. Momma always says one dog is
enough to look after even though the shopper said we should get a brother
to play with.

7. I don't like driving in the car. Every time we go somewhere other than
doggy daycare, its somewhere I don't want to be the VET. I try to get away out
the door but my momma always catches me.

8. I am on a constant diet. I wish they would just let me eat what I want.

Well so long for now.. hope you learned alot about me. The shopper told momma this
would be boring.



  1. Not boring at all. Made me smile all the way through. Love the picture of Sofie and I've called the star so make sure she has a nice pair of sunglasses.

  2. Ahhh...Sofie is so cute.

  3. lol... how could sofie be boring? more!! she is so cute!!

  4. This is so cute....and so is Sophie.

  5. Is that the 'look' that gets treats? Cuz yea, it would absolutely work on me, too!

  6. Oh you are cute. You and I could play fun games if we went to a dog park together. But I think you live a long way from me.


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