Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Burn Baby Burn

I got the fever, the stencil fever. Last night all I did while watching TV was cut stencils. I have been collecting stencils forever. I dont know why I feel I must also make them. But it is very relaxing to me. I use a stencil burner as you can see, I think it is way easier than using an exacto knife. Of course I have slipped and messed up a few, quite a few. Today I took my mother to her friends funeral. Gosh I hate funerals. It was very sad, she was 91 and lived a great life. I would be happy to
live till 91....then its now to the physio therapist for a little needle love. Then he puts his hands on me (ah) and manuplates my back, then a little heat. This is really helping me.


  1. Condolences to your mom. I hate funerals too. Great stencils!

  2. Oh, you do pretty good. Life there is separation. Moreover, the elderly have been 91 years old, should not be any regrets.
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  3. Sandy9:22 PM

    heh Lee...catching up on your posts to your Blog....WOW you have been busy!! You are quite the stenciler! So sorry about the emotional day...but think of it as a celebration of her wonderful life.

    Looking forward to our road trip on Wednesday to you tomorrow afternoon...I am cleaning Sherise place tomorrow morning and then my dad is picking me up to spend the afternoon with them and then supper as well..Sherise is joining us after school..
    Take care and see you soon!

  4. 91, that's richness, but nobody wants to die, true. I can't FIND my stencil burner, dagnabbit!! Does it burn, like a curling iron, if you drop it on your fingers or arm?

  5. If I live to be 91 I'll be happy! And hopefully I'll still be doing art when I die!!

    I love stencils, too and have been cutting some. I have a burner but I still like the good ol' Exacto knife....although I must admit my finger just about falls off after cutting a stencil!


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