Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lee announces the arrival of Spring early

No its not March 21....but I want spring to come. I am sick to death of this winter weather which never seems to go away. I want to wear flip flops or to us oldies thongs...I want to feel air on my bare legs. I want to sit on the deck and complain its to hot. I want all those things and I want them now. On a brighter note I finished #2 kilmt picture for Gary Reefs challenge cant post it here, its a nude its suppose to be of you. But really who is going to paint themselves nude at my age. The boobs sag down to your knees etc. So I painted a edited me, kind of a younger me, not all nude no face showing, hidden in the curtains, a hint of breast and just the hip area.
Other than that I am out today weather and all to do a few errands and then home to finish the clean up, the painting is done and I am putting my house back to order. Friday hubby is out of town all day and I am staying in my PJ's and watching a marthon of Battlestar Galatica tv shows ending at night with the last one forever. Bet you didnt know I am a to you all later.


  1. I am ready for Spring as well. Happy Belated Birthday. I have not finished the transfers yet. i have had to set them aside. I am trying to get stuff ready for some group shows coming up and a solo show. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    The nude sounds great...but I also really like the dreamy quailty of your 'spring" page here....and I really want to be able to complain it's too hot too. :) I got all of the snuggling and fires in the fireplace out of my system (plus we ran out of wood. BOO!)

  3. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. No,unfortunately I did not take that picture of the tree. Here in New Hampshire we still have snow on the ground. But at least spring is finally here!

  4. Oh Lee, at least you have something to tuck away behind a curtain or robe. I'm so proud of you drawing yourself nude! Me, I can do a stick figure, true story, and it's a very VERY strong likeness. Just add spectacles and tufty hair!

    Spring ... sigh ... here in Phoenix it doesn't have the same transitional qualities ... it just goes from sorta-coolish to 90 degrees. But the birds are BACK!!!


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