Sunday, March 22, 2009

The toes have it...

Dont you feel better when your toes are painted...I do. I like red nail polish the redder the better. Then I like to walk around the house getting all to admire the toes. Because this polish stays on until its all off. I dont paint my own toes, so when I go get a pedicure thats when the toes get painted. and I dont go that often. This weekend has been
okay. The weather did not cooperate it snowed and was cold. I worked on cutting stencils but no art. But the new week is upon us and I feel good vibes coming my way. So lets talk on Monday and see how your weekend was and I want all the details, yours cant be as boring as mine.


  1. lee - Ilaughed that an artist like you doesnt paint her own toes! lol... how about some toe art?

    I too paint my toes but mostly in summer only when all and sundry can admire and see them, I feel naked without the toe polish!

  2. I love pedicures but not toenail polish. NO, that's a lie. I LOVE toenail polish but I don't like to maintain toenail polish (grin) ... so I think your idea, here, is a good one. Paint a picture of my toes with perfect polish and then pretend they always look that good, right? What a fun fun painting!

  3. I only paint my toes in summer and they always chip and then they look tacky. But I love the picture of the toes!


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