Monday, March 09, 2009

I am woman hear me roar.....

I saw this little baby the other day at office depot. I wanted it for the studio so went in on Saturday and bought it.
I also put it together...very proud of myself. Now I have something I bought at IKEA some months ago I am going to try and tackle tomorrow. I have been busy all weekend trying to get ready for the painter. We are having the inside of the house painted starting on Wednesday. Yes it is nice that we do not have to do it. But you have to get ready for the painter, take pictures of walls, drapes, move furniture etc.


  1. ooooOOOOOOhhhhh - a Taboret cart. I'm jealous ... the architects where I used to work each had one of these (in birch, mind you) at their stations ... I wanted to raid the office after hours and steal every single one of them! Very good job putting it together.

  2. NICE!!

    Happy new paint smell :)

  3. I need one of these...maybe two : )

  4. It's wonderful. Hope it makes your life easier and I'm really impressed that you put it together yourself. Have fun at Ikea.

  5. Krissie at Winterwood10:06 PM

    Did you say IKEA??????? OMG! I love their stuff!!!

  6. I want one!!!! That is fantastic. Now I have to go to Office Depot.


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