Monday, March 02, 2009

the pose -=---by lee inspired by gustaf klimt

Over at Gary Reef every month they do a new artist. This month it is Gustaf Klimt. Now old Gustaf liked his women, naked to paint, and then later he would put clothes on them. Isn't that just like a man.....he kind treated his women as objects typical..But he did do amazing work. He did a series in gold. So I was playing around in the studio on newsprint, and this is what I came up with. Needs work the arms are bad the hair is to long, etc etc but this was just a fast painting. No thinking just sketch and paint. Now he has a challenge to use paint and mosaics so I might try that challenge. Don't know yet, there pretty good over there. It is kind of indimadating showing your dorky work compared to them. But I like to lurk around and look.


  1. Krissie at winterwood12:55 AM

    Lee I did go over to gary reefs site and found the challenges confusing to find!! I did see the klimt challenge - and well done you!!! I love Klimt and have many of his prints hanging here at home.

  2. Hey, Lee -- I've given you an award/tagged you - go visit my blog pretty please.

  3. I love the painting. I don't think the hair is too long I think it's great!

  4. I love Klimt's paintings of women and I think yours is really splendid indeed. It catches the sultry sexiness of the lady - what a bare shoulder and loose hair can do! I think she looks a bit like me (tee hee). Don't change the hair, it's great.

  5. Anonymous1:11 AM

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