Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you Good enough

Another Giraffe sketch done well on blog break, I must have a thing for long tall animals. Well today I want to get something off my shoulder. I decided I should join a few ATC groups, I was thinking about trading, little challenges etc. One group which I wanted to join was an ATC group that only accepts hand drawn, painted etc, no embellishments or mixed media, that was fine with me. But the other criteria was I had to submit some of my work to see if they would accept me or not. This got my hackles up, it reminded me of when your on the playground and the kids are playing RED Rover and your the last picked , because nobody wants you on there team, because your not good enough. I have decided not to join this group, because I don’t like elitism of any kind, who is to say anybody's art is good enough. What do you think? Would you join a group like this


  1. Nope! I don't think art is something that can be "judged"....I know they do that but I still don't think it's right. Art is art. It's your inner self coming through and when you tell someone their art isn't good enough it's like telling them they aren't good enough.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I would never join a group like that. Maybe you should send them this quote by Oscar Wilde...."Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known." should start your own ATC swap group. I would definitely join.

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I totally agree with Janet and Joyce. Art is art. In my eyes, no art is wrong. Your art is the way YOU see things, nobody else. If others are too blind to see it, that's a problem they need to overcome.
    And again, I agree with Joyce, start your own challenges, I'd more than likely join in.
    Also - I really like the giraffe!
    Don't let anything put you off or put you down. :)

  4. Do you know what - I had a similar exp a few yrs ago and wanted to join a yahoo group - art... I had to submit something and guess what - got a frosty reply back saying that my work was not up to the standard of the group. I wish I had follwoed my instinct and NOT submitted anything at all!! I felt so awful about my art and it put me off for ages....grr.... you should start your won group I so agree with Joyce!!

  5. no, not feeling the 'audition' for an ATC group ... how is someone supposed to feel who isn't accepted? talk about slashing a budding artist to the core ... nope nope nope. Not a good thing, that.

    you've got a thing for long tall animals, huh? must be why you love ME (hee!)


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