Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eye Exam

One of the new art ideas I started while on Vacation, was book altering. This was one of my first pages. I think it turned out pretty good. I joined a Ning site , now put up your hand if you have not joined a ning site (oh I see one)...but really the site is called Heart and Hand and it is run by Monica Zunger from Mexico. She is a really cool artist, she offers online art classes on her ning site as well as this (free)Altered Book group. Please check it out if your interested in altering books. Now I tell you I was not really interested but decided to check it out and was hooked. Right now she has about 4 different videos on Altering books, showing her doing it. (no she is not paying me to promote her site). Today is a go day, the house is clean, devil dog is walked, hubby is back to work after his holidays (thank god) and my schedule is my own again. I am off to the studio muck around and get messy....maybe talk to you later. (Heart and Hand is on sidebar its her blog but you will see a link to her Ning site).


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