Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surfing the Net

I thinking this ATC looks a little whacked.....It might be a do over. Well how are you all...Thanks for all the comments on what you would do about joining a ATC group that you had to submit to. I have deleted the group from my head.....nobody has the right to tell you its not good enough. (i might know it but I don’t what anyone else to tell me). Well the other day I said I was going to the movie Julie Julia, I never made it, but I am going to try again today, because I really want to see it. Monday is my 36 year anniversary married to the same husband. That is a celebration in it self. My friend Winterwood (in Australia its her I think 1 day before). What are we going to do to celebrate since it falls on a Monday. Here are the suggestions that I made to hubby,

1. Fly to Paris for the weekend - a look of are you crazy came over his face

2. Go away to the Rockies- same look

3. Get in the car and drive where the wind takes us - you mean just drive and dont have a plan out of the question.

4. Go out for dinner with friends on Saturday- well why didn't you just say that one in the first place, Now that something I would like to do.

Oh hubby is so adventurous, I like the idea of flying off to Paris for the weekend. I have been to Paris and it is beautiful, he has never been. Oh maybe one day before we need our walkers.

Well best go the hardwood man is on his way to give me a estimate for the floors, I might need to be go back to work after this estimate. Hardwood costs as much as diamonds, without the Bling


  1. yes its our 31st anniversary this yr Lee... not doing much on the day as we are going away pretty soon and that is part of the celebration. I'm a bit meh about it - doing something. Dinner would be nice but its also fathers day here the same day! so the kids will be wanting hi s attention too....lots going on! I hope you and Dh have a wonderful day whatever you end up doing!!!

    ps you got me quite inspired and I hada go at 3 atc..but my printer is stuffed~ so cant do too much till its fixed!!

  2. I love wacked ATC's :-)
    It only took me 17 years to get my husband on an airplane but after 32years he is quite trained. He's to the stage where he thinks of going out to dinner first! HA!
    Congratz on yuor aniversary! That really is an accomplishment these days!


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